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Beer tasting

Amongst friends, colleagues or family 

Do you like to taste craft beers and would you like to learn more about it? Or do you just like to drink a variety of beers amongst friends? Then our beer tasting events are definitely for you!

The beers in these events are always chosen together with you so your preference can be taken into account. Different themes can be chosen such as seasonal beers, locally brewed beers, trappist beers or a zero % tasting. The host takes you along with enthusiasm, humour and an informative story about both the brewing process and the brewer.

On request, an extensive snacks plate can be provided.

The event is ideal for team outings, a weekend with the guys (or girls) or family celebrations. They are basically suitable for any occasion!

The beer tasting can also take place outside our opening hours.

Contact us for more information!


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